Use projects to group sources and restrict access to specific users

By default all sources and environments connected to Hava are available to anyone using your account. You can use the projects feature to assign one or more sources to a project. You can then assign members to each project, separating who can access which sources.

Each source can only belong to a single project, and any source not assigned to a project will be in the Default project, which all users have access to.

Creating a Project

The Projects section is in the Account Settings area. This section, and all project management settings and functionality, are currently only available to the account owner.

Clicking on the Projects menu item will display the Project List.

Click on ‘Create Project’ to create a project with a simple name and description.

Editing a Project, and assigning members

Once a project is created you can select it from the Project List to view it’s details, members, and here there is the option to delete the project entirely.

From here you can select a user from your account to assign them to the project. Users can be in as many projects as you like. If you can’t see any users to add then you first need to invite them to a team using the teams section.

Permissions in Projects

The teams feature assigns roles to your users - either owner, admin, or user. These roles carry through to your projects too. If a user is in a team with the admin role, then they have admin rights to the sources in whichever project they are a member of.

This means:

  • Users: can view any sources and environments in the project. Cannot add new sources, import existing sources, or remove data.

  • Admins: can view all sources and environments, can create sources and assign them to any projects they have access to, can move sources between projects they are in, and can remove sources.

  • Owners: can do everything admins can, and can also create, update, and delete projects. Owners always have full access to all projects.

Deleting a Project

If you decide to delete a project it will move any sources in that project to the Default project, which everyone will have access to. If you would like to delete a project without this happening you must first move the sources to another project, or delete them.

Moving Between Projects

Once you have created projects and assigned users to them they will be selectable from a dropdown at the top of the page, next to the Account selector.

From here the user can select which project to view, which will change what is displayed in the Environments, Sources, and Reports sections.

If a user is removed from a project the list won’t be updated until they refresh the page, but they won’t be able to view any data from the project if selected.

If a user is added to a project they will need to refresh the page to be able to select it.

Projects are remembered between sessions - each time you log in you will be taken to the project you last selected.

Adding Sources to Projects

When creating a source for the first time you can select a project to assign it to.

The currently selected project is always selected by default.

If you have already created a source in the Default project and would like to move it to another project just head to the Sources section and click the ‘cog’ options icon next to the source you would like to move.

Select ‘Change Project’

And select the project you would like to move the source to. If you are an Owner this will be a list of all projects. If you are an admin this will be the projects you are currently a member of.

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