Discover Resources From Regions

Discover resources from multiple data sources that exist in the same region using Hava query

Hava draws diagrams by default at a VPC or virtual network level, but sometimes your project spans multiple VPCs or cloud providers, so hava allows you to create custom diagrams to display these resources on the same diagram.

There are multiple ways to discover everything in a region using the region:<region_name>search syntax.

Discover everything in a region

For this example we will search for everything in us-east-1 simply click on the search bar in step 1.

Select region

Clicking on region will take you to a list of all the regions within your accounts or you can type region:<region name> in the search bar. region:us-east-1

Select a region from the list

Note: You can use one or more search parameters to create a diagram. Build time can vary depending on the size and amount of resources within the VPCs and imported accounts.

Build, Name & Save Environment

Once you've selected the region you want on the right in the attribute pane you will see 2 sources and parameters, which makes up this environment diagrams.

  1. Sources: Because there was no source specified it has pulled all VPC located in us-east-1

  2. Parameters: region:us-east-1

Once the diagram has been named and save, it will act as any other imported environment within Hava and by default with sync and update any changes every hour.

Note: Not all views are available with custom diagrams.

Other regional searches

Other regional search use cases commonly used are

region:<region name> source:<source id>

region:<region name> ip:<ip address>

Discover resources from regions that do not have any VPCs

Some things don't have a place on a VPC diagram or they might belong within the region and not a VPC, to discover these resources you can view this in our List View.

If you're within you the diagram on the bottom right there is a menu to select the different views available.

Or you can view a list of all VPC and custom diagrams from the main dashboard

Find a list of all the resources that Hava currently imports and displays for AWS. We make a distinction between resources that we visualise on the diagram and those that are only shown as attributes. For instance, Autoscaling Groups are shown as an icon on the diagram, but their Launch Configuration will only be displayed as a link in the Autoscaling Group attributes.

Using List View

List view is a great way to discover all resources within an environment. There are multiple ways to search and filter through the list and the ability to export to CSV or JSON file format.

Filter options.

  1. Filter by Type - Resource groups you can select one or more.

  2. Sort By - Name, Price or Type

The list view shows all the resources detected in your configuration, including the ones that are not visualised on your infrastructure view. With the list view you can sort resources by price estimate to easily see the most expensive resources deployed and then export that list to csv for accounting and management purposes.

View Resource Attributes

You can click on any of the resources and on the right panel will display all their attributes.


There are two export options for list view

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