Wildcard Search

The wildcard * adds flexibility to your search term to maximise your search results. By default, the Hava search expects an exact match and is case sensitive.

For example, to create a custom environment made up of all VPCs in the region us-east-2.

  • One way to create this would be to add each vpc:id to the search like in the below example. region:us-east-2 and (vpc:123 or vpc:abc or vpc:456 or vpc:xyz

  • This can be simplified using the wildcard like in the below example. region:us-east-2 and vpc:*

Common reasons the wildcard search returns empty.

Incorrect Position

The wildcard search is only a single wildcard character at the end of the string.

  • Correct use: region:us-east-2 and vpc:*

  • Incorrect use: region:us-*-2 and vpc:*

  • Incorrect use: subnet:10.145.*.*

Trying to modify the type search syntax.

  • Incorrect use: type:"AWS::ElasticLoadBalancingV2::*"

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