See the changes to your cloud environments in a full version history.

Versioning your interactive cloud infrastructure diagrams.

Possibly one of the most powerful features of Hava especially from a fault analysis and governance perspective, versioning is built in and active from the moment you connect your cloud infrastructure and start building your interactive diagrams.

Hava polls your cloud infrastructure regularly for changes.

Once a resource change is detected, a new version of the interactive diagram is created and the state change is recorded.

The Versions Tab can be found adjacent to the Attributes Tab.

The date/time represents the time that the revision diagram was created due to the live diagram being superseded due to a state change.

To view an archived diagram, simply select it from the versions list.

Having the version history readily to hand enables your engineering team, security team or compliance audit reports to accurately see the state of play at any point in time. Need to see how your cloud infrastructure was configured 6 months ago ? Hava has you covered.

Comparing Revisions

You can visually compare any two Hava diagrams using the "Compare Revisions" button.

This will generate a diff diagram highlighting the differences between the two diagrams including resources that were either added or removed.

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