Getting Started with GCP

Getting started with Google Cloud Platform.

The first time importing into Hava, you will be presented with a welcome screen with a container displaying "Import your own environments".

If you've imported before, there will be a different container, same as the image below.

1. Add Environment

Simply click on the ADD ENVIRONMENT button.

2. Select Google Cloud

From the left hand menu select Google Cloud.

3. Create A Service Account

To connect to your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) you will need to create a "Read Only Service Account" for your project and download the JSON key file to import into Hava.

pageService Account

If you are using a shared network from a separate project, you will need to follow the below guide on how to import multiple projects.

pageImport Multiple Projects

Depending on the service, you may require to enable certain APIs for Hava to access these, you can learn more about this using the below guide.

pageEnabling APIs

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