View the attributes of resources you select on the interactive diagrams.

Cloud Diagram Attributes Tab

The data displayed in the Attributes Tab is contextual to the resource selected on the interactive diagram.

When you first open the diagram and have nothing selected, the attribute tab will display the environment overview.

One of the most powerful features of Hava is the wealth of data that is captured and available for each resource or container within your cloud infrastructure. Instead of flooding the initial visualisation with hundreds of data points, the attributes relating to each resource are available on demand.

AWS VPC Attributes

To view the attributes of a VPC, select the border and the Attributes tab will display the VPC attributes. This will detail information such as Security Groups, Route Tables, Network ACL's and S3 Buckets.

The lists are collapsed by default. To reveal the attributes, click the down arrow icon next to the attribute group you would like to view.

Hava analyses the connections and attributes within your cloud environment. For instance, to view which resources belong to a specific security group, expand Security Groups in the Attributes tab and hover over over a security group.

The interactive diagram with display borders around the resources that belong to this security group. ie :

Resource Attributes

Selecting individual resources on your interactive diagram will display the attributes for that resource in the Attributes Tab and it will also display the connections to and from that resource.

Selecting one of the Application Load Balancers in this diagram shows us it is connected to a Web App Firewall and routes traffic to 2 autoscaling groups in separate availability zones.

The attributes tab also tells us all the relevant information about the ALB including the estimated cost.

Non Visualised Resources

Hava does not visualise every resource and attribute of your cloud infrastructure. Keeping the infrastructure diagram clean.

Detailing the associated attributes and their values in the attributes tab produces an easily readable diagram but retains all of the important information in a contextual framework that is available to view at any time.

For example, selecting an EC2 Instance you are able to view all of the attributes for the Instance on the right hand Attributes Tab. A number of these attributes are selectable and will allow you to view more details about that attribute :

There are a number of items in this attribute list in dark blue text that are selectable. Let's say we want to look at the network interfaces accessing this EC2 instance.

We would select a security group - in this instance "demo-all-servers" which changes the attributes pane to to show the attributes of this security group. In the Infrastructure View diagram this is not visualised, but the attributes for the security group are now shown :

The Security Group attributes like Ingress / Egress IP addresses and ports and all the connected resources are now visible.

Some of these resources are also selectable so you can view more details pertaining to them.

We can select a Network Interface for instance :

Now we can see all the information relating to the Network Interface even though none of the network interfaces or security groups are visualised on the diagram.

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