Customize the Hava Dashboard

Set up your dashboard to prioritise the diagrams you wish to view.

View / Hide data sources

Hava displays all your data sources by default.

You may be only interested in environments from a particular source, for instance if you're responsible for the Azure cloud resources in a multi cloud scenario. You may only want to see one AWS account from the many your company has connected to Hava if .

Each data source connected to Hava can be hidden or revealed using the sources filter above the environments dashboard.

Select Cloud Providers

You can also hide or reveal all environments from a specific cloud provider. If you're the AWS guy, you can switch off all other providers by using the Select Providers filter and selecting just AWS. This does the same thing as turning off all the Azure, GCP and Kubernetes sources with the sources filter, but with one click.

Hide / Show Empty Environments

When Hava imports environments from a connected cloud account, sometimes empty environments are detected.

This could be a AWS VPC that was instantiated but never had resources set up within it

By default, Hava will hide these empty environments by not displaying the tiles on the environments dashboard..

To toggle them on or off, select the button on the top left of the dashboard.

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