Search Overview

Hava's built-in search engine gives you control over your diagrams, meaning you can still create user-defined custom diagrams that are:

  • Automated: So you don't need to worry about time, effort or human error.

  • Always up-to-date with auto-sync: So you don't have to worry about updating static diagrams in dynamic environments or making updates for every change you deploy.

  • Capture change over time with version history and tracking: So you don't need to worry about what was running and where at what point of time or trying to pinpoint a time when something might have gone wrong.

Even if you don't want to create and retain a diagram, you can use the search function to find resources using a variety of search criteria. A single search command will execute against ALL the cloud accounts you have connected irrespective of the platform or how many accounts you have connected.

This means you can simultaneously search through AWS, GCP and Azure accounts using a single command. An MSP with thousands of cloud accounts can potentially find resources, types of resources that need attention or IP addresses causing concern with a single command without leaving Hava or logging into a single cloud console.

Once you define and generate a custom diagram, you can save it and it will be placed on your environment console and kept up to date hands-free.

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