Tracking Changes in Cloud Architecture
Using Hava's cloud architecture version history to track changes in your AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud environments.
One of the less obvious but most powerful features of Hava is the Version history.
Cloud environments are rarely static. Autoscaling will add and remove instances, load balancers might reconfigure, security groups and rules could be refined.
The nature of cloud environments gives us a huge amount of flexibility in the way we configure and deploy solutions.
With new services, options and attributes being added all the time, keeping your environment diagrams up to date and your stakeholders informed of the current 'state of play' can be time consuming and costly if tackled manually.
Of course when things go wrong, knowing what has changed within your cloud environment gives you the ability to quickly identify and resolve the issue. This can be a massive time and cost saving strategy for mission critical environments.
Once you connect your cloud account to Hava, your cloud resources are polled continuously and when changes are detected your current diagram is updated to reflect the change and the previous diagram is archived into the "Versions" tab
Version History
To view previous versions of your cloud infrastructure, open up your infrastructure diagram, navigate to the "Versions" tab on the right hand side.
This will display a list of the previous state changes.
The From date is the date this version of the diagram was created.
The To date is the date and time this version was superseded.
You can open both diagrams side by side to compare. Or you can export both diagrams in a visual form like PNG or PDF.
Run a comparison at a granular level by exporting the JSON data from both diagrams and using a comparison tool to highlight the changes.
(See Identifying Cloud Environment Changes using JSON data )


How long do you keep versions?
The amount of versions in your list can vary depending on how often they are imported. We save a minimum of 3 months, but typically you'll have versions from back to when you first imported your environment.
How often do you import new versions?
Your sources will sync roughly every hour, depending on load. You can manually sync if you have just made configuration changes that you want to see right away.
Can I compare my versions within Hava?
Being able to visually compare your versions is currently on the Hava product roadmap, but until then you can always export your different versions to JSON for use in comparison tools, or to PNG and PDF for visual comparison or inclusion in documentation.
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