Tag Search

Tag search can be powerful but a little frustrating when Hava returns no results when in fact, resources contain those tags.

The tag search contains three parts.

  1. The tag name

  2. The colon : that separates the name from the value.

  3. The tag value

Common reasons the tag search returns empty.

Case Sensitive

The search string is case sensitive and expects an exact match, so name:production would only match something with that exact name.

Incorrect use of wildcard

The search supports a single wildcard character and has to be at the end of the string.

  • Correct use: name:production*

  • Incorrect use: name:*-production*

Incorrect tag name

Using the incorrect tag name is easily overlooked and depending on the tagging convention used, this would vary, for example:

Using a common default name such as name:production when in fact it is Environment:production

Special characters

The tag value contains any space or special characters, spaces or other special characters must be surrounded by "double-quotes".

  • Correct use: name:"production us-west"

  • Incorrect use: name:production us-west

  • Correct use: name:"production #1"

  • Incorrect use: name:production #1

  • Correct use: name:"production:app"

  • Incorrect use: name:production:app

Tips & Caveats

Case sensitive matches

Using or with/or without a wildcard *, you can account for any case-sensitive matches similar to the example below.

(name:analytics* or Name:analytics* or name:Analytics* or Name:Analytics)

Finding missing tags

A common question asked is if there is a way to identify and diagram resources with missing tags. Currently, Hava can only identify known tags. Therefore, it cannot search for any resource with no tags. The good news is it's on our roadmap.

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