Getting Started with AWS

Connecting your AWS accounts to hava.

When you log into Hava for the first time, you will be presented with the opportunity to import some demo environments and also jump right into connecting to your own AWS accounts.

The first step in creating accurate AWS infrastructure diagrams with Hava is to connect Hava to your AWS account.

We strongly advise creating a Cross Account Role to allow access to your AWS environment. Hava is built on AWS and this method is considered AWS best practice.

You may also create a new IAM user with Read Only Permissions. Either way, there can be no doubt from an infrastructure integrity and security perspective that Hava cannot change or update anything in your environment and is limited to reading the data it needs to visualise your AWS environment.

You may also create a Minimum Access Read Only IAM User with customisable permissions if you wish to exclude access to any components of your AWS environment.

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