Embed Hava diagrams anywhere

Hava allows diagrams to be embedded anywhere that supports iframes.

No plug-ins, special API access or complex code required.

Hava will allow you to share individual diagram views using iframe embed code.
Typically used for :
  • Internal Intranets.
  • Wikis and Documentation.
  • Development and Support Tickets.
  • Dashboards.
One word of caution : Since potentially sensitive information like security group information or IP addresses can be viewed on the diagrams, you should consider this carefully before embedding your diagrams on publicly accessible web properties.

How to embed Hava cloud diagrams

Open the desired diagram (and select the view you wish to embed)
Select the Share button and generate the iframe code snippet.
Embedded Viewer iFrame Code
Copy then paste the embed code into any property that supports iframes.
To see an example of the embedded viewer in action, Visit this page​
The use cases for the embedded viewer are many and varied and as long as the target site or application supports iframe embeds then you will be able to embed your fully interactive AWS, GCP and Azure diagrams