Enabling APIs

If you are not seeing all the resources you were expecting, it may be possible that a related or required API is not enabled in your projects.

Please ensure the following APIs are enabled in your GCP account:

  • Cloud DNS API

  • Cloud Functions API

  • Cloud Pub/Sub API

  • Cloud Resource Manager API

  • Cloud SQL

  • Cloud Storage

  • Compute Engine API

  • Container Registry API

  • Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis API

  • Kubernetes Engine API

These will need to be enabled for each project you wish to import.

This can done manually via the Google Cloud Console or you can run the following commands in the CLI:

gcloud services enable cloudfunctions.googleapis.com \
  cloudresourcemanager.googleapis.com \
  compute.googleapis.com \
  container.googleapis.com \
  containerregistry.googleapis.com \
  dns.googleapis.com \
  pubsub.googleapis.com \
  redis.googleapis.com \
  sql-component.googleapis.com \

Once these are enabled, perform a manual sync and the resources will be added to your diagrams.

You can follow the below guide if you're unsure how to perform a manual sync.

Manual Sync

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