Exporting Diagrams

How to export auto generated network topology diagrams.

One of the major benefits of utilising Hava is the ability to export diagrams to meet any number of requirements including:

  • Internal Documentation

  • On-boarding new staff

  • Audit & Compliance requirements

  • Presentations to management or internal stakeholders

  • Use case demonstrations in Managed Services or Devops sales presentations

Because your diagrams are continuously refreshed, exporting up to date diagrams of your environments takes a matter of seconds. If any changes have been made that you want to demonstrate on the diagram, you can manually sync Hava with your cloud provider prior to exporting the diagram.

Hava will export your cloud environment diagrams in several major formats including :

  • PDF

  • PNG

  • Visio (VSDX)

  • CSV

  • JSON.

Open the diagram you wish to export & select the 'Export" button to open the export dialogue :

Select the required output format : Hava will prepare the download - once the "Export Complete" notification is visible, you can download the exported file.

Hava will export exactly what you are looking at in the rendered visualisation.

If you wish to show connections and/or display full resource names on the exported diagram, then make sure you toggle the display of these on prior to exporting the diagram.

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