Filtering Environments
Which search/filter box should you use
On the Hava environments dashboard there are 2 input boxes that enable you to find specific diagrams or resources.

Search Query

The first search box is found on the top nav bar.
This search relates to building custom environment diagrams. Entering values in this search box will render a new diagram based on the custom parameters.
You would typically use this to create a diagram from a subset of resources in an environment, or to build a diagram using data from multiple cloud accounts, even multiple vendors. So you could for instance, build a hybrid diagram with Azure and AWS resources.
Once saved, the custom diagram will be automatically updated and version history preserved.

Filtering Environments

The environment filter box allows you to search for pre existing diagrams that contain specific text.
Where, you have hundreds of environment tiles and saved custom diagrams, the ability to filter the environments enables you to find the specific diagrams you are looking for.
You can search for diagrams with a specific name or region.
Entering "US-East" for instance, will hide all the environments not in an availability zone starting with US-East.
The environment filter is found on the top right of the dashboard.