AWS Supported Resources

What AWS resources are visualized on Hava interactive cloud diagrams and which ones are not.

Hava imports and visualises the key resources in your AWS Cloud architecture.

Below is a list of the resources visualised. The Resources that do not make up your automated interactive diagrams are listed in the contextual attributes tab, and also visible when viewing the Hava List View

Visualised Resources

Visualised on Infrastructure View Diagrams

AppSync GraphQL

Autoscaling Group

API Gateway

API Gateway Rest API

Cloudfront Distribution

Cloudfront Streaming

Direct Connect Connection

Directory Service Directory


EC2 Customer Gateway

EC2 Egress Only Internet Gateway

EC2 Instance

EC2 Internet Gateway

EC2 NAT Gateway

EC2 Network ACL

EC2 Network Interface

EC2 Route Table

EC2 Security Group

EC2 Subnet

EC2 Transit Gateway


EC2 VPC Endpoint

EC2 VPC Peering Connection

EC2 VPN Gateway

ECS Cluster

ECS Service

ECS Task

EFS File System

ElastiCache Cache Node

ElastiCache Cache Subnet Group

Elastic Beanstalk

ELB Application Load Balancer

ELB Classic Load Balancer

ELB Gateway Load Balancer

ELB Network Load Balancer

EventBridge Bus

Firehose DeliveryStream

Glacier Vault

MSK Cluster

Kinesis DataStream

Lambda Function

OpenSearch Domain

OpenSearch VPC Endpoint

RDS DB Instance

RDS DB Cluster

RDS DB Proxy

RDS DB Subnet Group

Redshift Cluster Node

Redshift Cluster Subnet Group

Route 53 Hosted Zone

S3 Bucket

SNS Subscription

SNS Topic

SQS Queue


Workspaces Workspace

Imported Resources not visualised on your Automated Cloud Infrastructure Diagram will appear within the Attributes tab and on the Hava List View

Non Visualised Resources

Non Visualised Resources

API Gateway Authorizer

Api Gateway Deployment

API Gateway Domain


API Gateway Method

API Gateway Model

API Gateway Resource

API Gateway Stage

API Gateway Usage Plan

API Gateway VPC Link

Autoscaling Launch Configuration

Direct Connect Gateway

Direct Connect LAG

Direct Connect Virtual Interface

Directory Service Domain Controller

Directory Service Trust

EC2 Container Instance

EC2 DHCP Options

EC2 Elastic IP

EC2 Route Table

EC2 Volume

EC2 VPN Connection

ECS Container

EFS Mount Target

ElastiCache Cache Cluster

Lambda Layer

OpenSearch Domain Node

Redshift Cluster

Route 53 Record Set

WAF Rules

Workspaces Directory

When Hava creates your diagram it can also display network connections based on the meta data returned with the resource. So long as one resource has an explicit link to another resource, Hava will display a connection when a resource is selected, or using the Connections toggle in the view options.

Supported Connections

Supported Connections

API Gateway to Kinesis Stream

API Gateway to Lambda function

API Gateway to SQS

API Gateway REST API to Lambda function

API Gateway REST API to load balancers

AppSync to DynamoDB

AppSync to Lambda Function

AppSync to OpenSearch

AppSync to RDS DBCluster

AppSync to WAF

Autoscaling groups to load balancers

CloudFront to Lambda Functions

CloudFront to Load Balancers

CloudFront to Route53

CloudFront to S3 Buckets

CloudFront to WAF

DirectConnect to Transit Gateway

DirectConnect to VPN Gateway

EC2 Instance to load balancers

EventBridge to API Gateway REST API

EventBridge to EventBus

EventBridge to Lambda function

EventBridge to Redshift Cluster

EventBridge to SNS

EventBridge to SQS

Firehose DeliveryStream to MSK Cluster

Firehose DeliveryStream to Kinesis DataStream

Firehose DeliveryStream to Lambda

Firehose DeliveryStream to OpenSearch

Firehose DeliveryStream to Redshift

Firehose DeliveryStream to S3

Glacier Vault to SNS Topic

Lambda function to DynamoDB

Lambda function to SQS

Load balancers to WAF

RDS DB Proxy to RDS Instances

Route53 to Load Balancers

S3 to Lambda function

S3 to SNS

S3 to SQS

SNS Topic to Lambda function

SNS Topic to SNS dead letter queues

SNS Topic to SNS subscription

SNS Topic to SQS queue

Transit Gateway to Customer Gateway

WAF to API Gateway

WAF to CloudFront

To view a comprehensive list of the visualised and non visualised resources imported from your cloud infrastructure, use the "List View" function while viewing your interactive diagram :

This will detail all of the resources Hava has imported.

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