VPC Search

By default, Hava builds your diagrams at a VPC level. A single diagram is generated for each VPC within your cloud provider account.

However, you might want to combine multiple VPC into one diagram view. For instance, a common use case is creating a single diagram view of all the VPC connected via a VPC peering connection.

Basic Examples



This would return everything in vpc-1234 and be the same as the default VPC created by Hava.

vpc:vpc-1234 or vpc:vpc-5678

This would return both vpc-1234 and vpc-5678 using the or operator.

Locating VPC ID

If you donโ€™t already know the VPC id, this can be found in several locations within Hava in the attribute panel.

The most common way to find it is:

  1. Open up the VPC you want.

  2. Click anywhere within the VPC container.

  3. In the attribute panel under the VPC name, you will find the ID.

Incorrect Syntax Errors

Hava requires the correct syntax if forgotten or edited, this will cause a syntax error. For example, when searching for a VPC it must include vpc: followed by the VPC id with no (space) in between

Space between vpc: and the VPC id

  • Correct use: vpc:vpc-1234

  • Incorrect use: vpc: vpc-1234

No vpc: before the VPC id

  • Correct use: vpc:vpc-1234

  • Incorrect use: vpc-vpc-1234

No Boolean operator between query

  • Correct use: vpc:vpc-123 or vpc:vpc-abcd

  • Incorrect use: vpc:vpc-1234 or vpc-abcd

Use Cases

  • VPC Peering Connections

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