Deep Search

Sometimes you want to see the matched resources and anything connected to them as well. You may want to find your instances and see their load balancers without having to specify them. Or perhaps you want to see your ECS clusters as well as the instances they are running on.

Doing a Deep Search using @

Below are some example use-case you can use to define custom environments.

Resource Type

@type:"AWS::EC2::Instance" will return all:

  • Instances as well as connected resources

  • Such as Load balancers and ECS clusters.


@CostCenter:dev and vpc:vpc-1234 will return all resources with the:

  • Tag CostCenter and value dev

  • In the VPC vpc-1234

  • It will then also return any resources connected to them as well.

Any resources returned with the deep search operator will be returned after the search is complete and will not be matched against the query itself.

If you search for a specific tag with the deep search operator, it may return resources without that tag, for instance.

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