Quick AWS Overview

How to view your AWS infrastructure using Hava network topology diagrams.

Infrastructure View with Attributes Panel

VPC, Availability Zones, Public subnets, Private subnets, Resource relationship & connection, Resource attributes panel and more.

Extended Infrastructure View

Helps reference and Identify resources ID, DNS Name, IP Address without clicking on the resource.

Display All Names and Connections

Useful for a quick overview, printing, or sharing a static diagram with someone.

Version History

Unlimited snapshots of your infrastructure history capturing the change over time, by default Hava, will sync every 24 hours. This can be manual forced at any time via the UI or incorporated into your build pipeline via our API and CLI.

Security Group & Route Table Highlighting

Highlight resource connected to a particular security group.

List View

View what makes up your VPC or custom diagrams in a table format, filter by Price, Type Name, and Resources.

Security View

Visually see how your security group speaks to one another, quickly see their ports, ingress & egress traffic, IP addresses, and the connected resources.

Container View

The Hava container view gives you an overall diagram of your entire ECS cluster. You can see every service and task currently running, any load balancing available to your containers, as well as unused or pending capacity.

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