Create a multiple VPC diagram

Using Hava Query, you have the flexibility to create multiple VPC diagrams from the same or even different cloud accounts and vendors.

By default, Hava builds diagrams at a VPC level, with the Search and Filter function, you can create custom diagrams. This approach makes it possible to integrate multiple VPC's across accounts and resources, building one diagram view which can be saved. Great for displaying peered VPCs on the same diagram.

Follow these steps to create a multiple VPC diagram.

  1. Identify the VPC

  2. Create the diagram

  3. Name and save diagram

Choose you VPCs

Step 1: Identify the VPC

To begin, you need to have the individual VPC ID, navigate to the particular VPC, click the tile, and this will open the VPC in Hava Infrastructure View.

  • Click on or within the outer green container, which makes up the VPC.

  • Navigate to the Attribute pane to the right

  • Copy the VPC ID (example: vpc-fd2341c2b)

Now you have one VPC ID you can navigate back to the main dashboard by clicking on 'Environments' in the top left corner and repeat these steps for the next VPC.

Tip: You can view other diagrams to find ID's even if you've already clicked search. Hava remembers your ongoing search - so go back to environments, click on something in a diagram, copy it's ID, and carry on!

Step 2: Create the diagram

Now you have the VPC IDs, to create the diagram, navigate to the top search bar in Hava next to 'Environments' towards the top left corner.

  • Click on the search bar to view a drop-down menu or type vpc:first-vpc-id-here

  • Add the second VPC by typing "or" plus vpc:second-vpc-id or select again from the drop-down menu

  • You can add two or more VPCs or another search syntax.

  • Note - There is no space between vpc: and the id.

Step 3: Name and save diagram

Once the diagram has finished rendering, you can then click on the 'save' button, enter a name for your new environment, and submit. Hava will redirect to your new environment, and it will also show in the environments list. As you import more resources from your account, Hava will run your custom search again and update the environment to match.

Hava will also capture version history whenever changes are automatically detected to the components of your custom diagrams.

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