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Diagram Views

There are five distinct ways to view your cloud architecture built into Hava.

  • Infrastructure View

  • Extended Infrastructure View

  • List View

  • Security Group View

  • Container View

Infrastructure View (AWS, GCP, Azure)

They are selectable from a collapsible drop down menu in the bottom right "Select Your View".

By default when you open your Cloud Architecture Diagram the "Infrastructure" View will be displayed.

Also by default the infrastructure view has no labels or connections displayed. All the example screen shots above are taken from the Infrastructure View.

Extended Infrastructure View (AWS, GCP, Azure)

The extended Infrastructure view displays key information relating to the visualised resource.

For instance a Nat Gateway visualised on an Extended Infrastructure View Diagram will display the Nat Gateway name and both the public and private IP addresses. A visualised RDS Database will display the Database Identifier, Engine type and allocated storage capacity.

The extended information is contextual to the type of resource being visualised and is typically the most useful parameters a security or solutions architect would need to know.

List View (AWS, GCP, Azure)

List view is an alphabetic list of detected resources Hava has detected in your cloud architecture.

This includes all the resources that are not visualised on the two infrastructure views.

The list view toolbar has the option to sort by Name, Price and Type

You can select resources in the list and the detailed attributes are displayed in the Attributes Tab.

At a glance you can also see a cost estimate for the resource.

Some of the unvisualised resources you will find in the List View include :

  • Elasicache Cluster Nodes

  • Network ACLs

  • Directory Services

  • Workspaces and Workspace Directories

  • Storage Volumes

  • Elasticache Subnet Groups

  • DHCP Options

  • Network Interfaces

  • WAF Rules

There is a Filter option in the "List View Toolbar" to filter on the type of resource you wish to view.

Place a check mark next to the resources you wish to view. You can select multiple types.

Security Group View (AWS & Azure)

Built with your cloud security engineers in mind, the Security Group View is a visualisation of all the security groups set up within your cloud architecture. It details the ports configured for use and resulting traffic flow.

Selecting a security group in the visualisation will populate the connected resources for that group in the Attributes Tab to the right.

The attribute data also details the ingress and egress IP addresses, ports in use and port types.

Container View

When you have containers configured within your cloud infrastructure and hava detects them, a "Container View" option will appear in the header toolbar and in the "view selection" dropdown menu.

You can also connect a stand alone Kubernetes Cluster.

The Hava container view gives you an overall diagram of your entire ECS cluster. You can see every service and task currently running, any load balancing available to your containers, as well as unused or pending capacity.

Diff View

The Revision Comparison or Diff View is accessed via the versions tab on your infrastructure diagrams.

Where you have retained diagram versions, you can select any two diagrams and the Diff View will show you all the resources that have been added or removed between the two diagram dates.

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