List view is an alphabetic list of detected resources Hava has detected in your cloud architecture.

This includes all the resources that are not visualised on the two infrastructure views.

The list view toolbar has the option to sort by Name, Price and Type

You can select resources in the list and the detailed attributes are displayed in the Attributes Tab.

At a glance, you can also see a cost estimate for the resource.

Some of the unvisualised resources you will find in the List View include :

  • Elasicache Cluster Nodes

  • Network ACLs

  • Directory Services

  • Workspaces and Workspace Directories

  • Storage Volumes

  • Elasticache Subnet Groups

  • DHCP Options

  • Network Interfaces

  • WAF Rules

There is a Filter option in the "List View Toolbar" to filter on the type of resource you wish to view.

Place a checkmark next to the resources you wish to view. You can select multiple types.

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