Hava supports multifactor authentication

To provide an optional layer of added account security via MFA. In addition to your user name and password, you will be required to enter a one time code generated by a supported TOTP authentication application like Google Authenticator or Authy.

Setting Up MFA

To enable MFA go to your Hava personal settings from the top menu bar.

The option to view and change MFA settings can be found in the left side bar menu.

To enable MFA, select the enable mfa button.

Next open your authentication app, add an account using the option to scan a QR code. Then scan the QR code generated by Hava to link Hava to your authenticator app.

Your authenticator app will now be generating MFA codes to enable Hava access:

To verify everything is working, open your authenticator app and copy in the auth code into the Authentication code box below the hava QR code and click verify

Once successfully verified, your Hava MFA will be activated.

At this point make sure you copy and save the recovery code. This can be used to log into Hava in the event that the device you use for authentication becomes unavailable.

Logging in to Hava using MFA

Once MFA is active log in as normal.

You will then be asked to provide an authentication code:

Enter the code and you will be logged into your Hava account.

What if I lose my authentication device?

If your phone dies, gets lost or stolen or accidentally dropped into a river at a music festival, you can use your recovery code to satisfy the 2 step authentication process.

When challenged for your one-time code, take the "try another method" option below the continue button:

Then select Recovery Code:

Enter your recovery code that you copied and placed in a secure place that was easy to remember when you set up MFA

You will then be issued a new recovery code for use next time. Copy it and keep it in a safe, easy to remember place.

Check the "I have safely recorded this code" box and continue. You will be logged back in.

If you have permanently lost access to the device you used to set up Hava MFA, you should disable and then re-enable MFA again using a new device.

How to Disable Hava MFA

From your personal settings in Hava, navigate to MFA.

Select Disable MFA and then confirm you really want to.

MFA is now disabled and you can log in using a password only.

What if I lose my authentication device and recovery code?

In the event that you lose your device and recovery code and are unable to log into Hava, please contact support using the primary email address associated with your Hava account and our engineers will assist with helping you gain back log in access.

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