Inviting Users

Before you invite people, you need to create one or more teams or assign the users as an owner.

To invite and add users, click on DETAILS for the team you wish to add the user to.

Invite User

Enter the email address of the member you want to invite and click Add User.

Existing User: If their email address exists in our database, they'll be sent an email letting them know you've invited them to your team.

New User: If their email is not in our system, click the "invite them now!" link, and they'll be sent an email to sign up.

Access The Primary Account

A Hava team account work where each user requires a personal account and is used to identify and authenticate individual users.

This can lead to confusion after being invited to your team account when you first log in.

Trial & Upgrade Notification

If you don't already have a paid personal account and you've been invited to a Hava team account as a new user.

When you first log in, you will see a notification that states:

  • You have X many days left on your trial

  • Your trial has expired. Please upgrade.

This can be ignored as it's associated with your single personal account and not the team account you've been invited to.

Switch Between Dashboards

We've designed Hava so you can easily switch between multiple accounts you are invited to.

This shows your linked accounts and is a quick way to change between multiple team accounts.

Set Default Account

By default, Hava redirects you to your personal dashboard, and this can be updated.

  • Under the account setting section, select your default dashboard.

So next time you log in, you're automatically redirected and in your preferred account.

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