Architectural Monitoring Alerts

Get notifications when architecture changes or new services are deployed.

How to set up Architectural Monitoring Alerts for AWS, Azure and GCP

You can set up Architectural Monitoring Alerts for any Environments (Cloud Accounts) connected to Hava.

You have the choice of monitoring changes to an entire environment or just new services that are added.

Alerts can go to an entire team (on a teams account), an individual Hava user or an arbitrary email address not connected to your Hava account.

The first step is to select 'Alerts' from the side menu.

This will display all the active Architectural Monitoring alerts you have running.

To create a new alert, select 'Add New' in the top right of the Alerts screen.

You can then name the alert and enter a brief description.

Now you have two options.

Monitor Environment Change: This allows you to select a specific diagram and then monitor the changes to to it.

New Service: This option allows you to monitor any new services added to a nominated cloud account (Data Source)

Hava Architectural Monitoring - Environment Change Alerts

When you select the alert type of Environment Change, you can then select a target from a list of environment diagrams.

You may select more than one environment for this alert.

You then select the destination for the alert. Either Team, User or Email Address.

Once you select the recipient type, you can then select the required team or user, or manually enter a value against the email address option.

Hava Architectural Monitoring - New Service Alerts

To monitor for new services being added to a cloud account you can use the "New Service" alert.

With this option you select a connected cloud account from the "Target" list.

The recipients list is identical to the first example.

Once set up, as your environments are synced by Hava, any changes covered by an alert will trigger an email to all recipients detailing the changes.

Reviewing Architectural Monitoring Alerts.

On top of the diagram and alert details sent during a monitoring event, you can view alert details from the alerts console.

Select "Details" for the alert you are interested in:

In this example we will look at the Environment Change alerts on the 2nd alert.

This shows the environment generating the alerts and the recipients, followed by a list of event notifications when Architecture changes were detected by the automated Hava sync process.

You can select any previous alert to view the details.

You can see the alert event detail followed by the diff diagram highlighting what has been added or removed.

Following the diagram is a detailed list of the resources that have changed.

Selecting any of the resources in the list will open a custom diagram view of the resource where you can investigate the settings of the resource without having to navigate to your cloud console settings.

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