How to set up Hava team account members.

In this guide, we'll step you through how to create teams and add team members to your Hava Team/Enterprise account.

Each user needs their own personal account, which is then attached to the primary account through teams, so every person who uses has a user account.

Before you can invite people, you need to create a team. An owner team is created by default, but we suggest creating different teams, which can then be assigned Admin or Read-Only permission.

Access Teams

The 3 Types of Roles

  • Owner: Owners have full access to the primary account, including billing, teams and projects.

  • Admin: Admin users have the capabilities for adding & removing sources and creating environments using search.

  • Read-Only: Read-only users will only have access to view the sources they are assigned to within a project folder or organisation-wide.

Owner Team

All Hava Team and Enterprise accounts require a 'owners' team and are created on sign-up by default.

Any members added to this Owners team will have full access to your Hava account. Only owners will be able to manage the users in this team.

Admin Users

When creating a new team, the Admin Access Level is Unchecked.

  1. Give your team a Name

  2. Select Admin

  3. Click Create

Read-Only User

When creating a new team, by default user groups are set to read-only.

  1. Give your team a Name

  2. Click Create

Your new team will populate in the team list.

The next step: Invite users to join the team.

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