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Types Of Hava Accounts

When you create a Hava account, whether for a free trial, free tier, paid ( Professional or Teams) plan, or invited as a user to a Teams Account, every person who uses has a user account.

User Account

Your user account is your identity on, and your user account can be associated with:
  • A single free tier or free trial account
  • A single paid user account (Professional or Teams)
  • One or more Teams accounts.
You can use one account for multiple purposes, such as for personal use and business use.
When a 14 day trial expires, you may still continue use the account to access another "teams" account. When you have accepted an invitation, you can set your personal settings to open the teams account by default and ignore any expired trial warnings.

Free Account

At the end of your initial free trial period (which gives you access to all the features available on the teams plan), you have the option to subscribe to a paid plan like the Professional or Teams options. If you decide you are not ready for a paid plan, your account will move to the Free Tier.
This account type will continue to auto generate infrastructure, security and container diagrams but is limited to:
  • A single data source (cloud account)
  • Weekly auto sync
  • No version retention
  • No live embedded viewer access
  • Watermarked PNG exports only
If you added multiple users to your account during the trial period, only the main user will maintain access.
There is no limit to the number of environments you can diagram with the free tier Hava account. If you have a single AWS account with 100 VPCs configured, then your free Hava account will generate 100 infrastructure and 100 security diagrams and will continue to detect changes and update the diagrams on a weekly basis.

Professional Account

The professional tier has all the same features as the free tier, but comes with quite a few advantages. Being able to synchronize your data more often and have more data sources being two big advantages.
Professional accounts include:
  • Unlimited Environments
  • Includes 5 Data Source Connections - ie cloud accounts (more can be added)
  • Infrastructure diagrams
  • AWS and Azure Security diagrams
  • Container Diagrams
  • Versioning with 3 months data retention (additional retention can be added)
  • Auto-sync your data daily
  • AWS Compliance reports
  • Export to PNG, PDF, Visio, CSV, JSON
  • Share embedded environment diagrams
  • Architectural Monitoring Alerts
Professional accounts are great for when you don't need to collaborate with other team members. A user account can only be associated with one free or Professional subscription.
Therefore, you cannot invite additional users to join your Free or Professional user account or manage multiple user accounts.
For example, as an organisation, if you did not want the Teams plan, you still wanted 3 users accounts on the professional plan.
Each one of these user accounts:
  • Will be a single standalone account
  • Requiring its own billing information
  • Require separate IAM user policies
  • Can not collaborate & share across those accounts

Teams Account

Teams accounts are shared accounts where groups of people can import, view and create custom diagrams across multiple projects in a primary Teams account.
Owners and administrators can create and manage access for users, teams, sources, diagrams and project folders.
Teams accounts include:
  • Everything in Professional Accounts
  • 10 Data Sources (more can be added)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Versioning with 6 months data retention (more can be added)
  • SAML / SSO
  • Project Folders
  • User Permission & Team Management
  • API Access
  • CLI Access
  • Unlimited Sources
  • Priority Support

Enterprise Accounts

When you are managing over 50 cloud accounts, whether for your organisation or as a service for your clients like an MSP, you may find it more cost effective to move to an Enterprise account.
You can still operate using the Hava SaaS application, however you also have the option to self-host a deployment of Hava (See below)
Enterprise accounts are customised to meet the needs of enterprise clients and include:
  • Everything in the Teams plan
  • 50+ Data source connections
  • Custom sync frequency
  • 12 Months of version data retention
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • SaaS or Self-Hosted

Self Hosted Accounts

Self hosted deployments of Hava allow you to host your installation of Hava on your own infrastructure behind your own security protocols. This enables organisations with governance, security or geolocation policies that prevent connection to the Hava's internet based SaaS application.
Self hosted deployments are customised to each organisation's infrastructure and your IT team will work closely with Hava or partner engineers to ensure the deployment is successful.
Self hosted deployments are available on the Enterprise tier which is carries customised pricing based on required capacity and is tailored for individual client requirements.
You can contact us at any time to discuss which account is right for your organisation.