Types Of Hava Accounts

When you create a Hava account, whether for a Free Trial, Paid (Personal or Professional) Plan, or Invited as a user to a Business Account. Every person who uses Hava.io has a user account.

User Account

Your user account is your identity on Hava.io, and your user account can be associated with:
  • A single free trial account
  • A single paid user account (Personal or Professional)
  • One or more business accounts.
You can use one account for multiple purposes, such as for personal use and business use.
If a user account is only associated with a Business Account and not a Personal or Professional Account. In that case, this user may see a Free Trial Expired notification.
This notification is associated with the single user's account and not the primary business account. This user still has access to the business team accounts they're a member of.

Personal or Professional Account

Personal & Professional accounts are great for where you don't need to collaborate with other folks. A user account can only be associated with one Personal or Professional subscription.
Therefore, you can not invite additional users to join your Personal or Professional user account or manage multiple user accounts.
For example, as an organisation, if you did not want the Business plan, you still wanted 3 users accounts on the professional plan.
Each one of these user accounts:
  • Will be a single standalone account
  • Requiring its own billing information
  • Require separate IAM user policies
  • Can not collaborate & share across those accounts
Personal & Professional accounts include:
  • Unlimited Environments
  • Infrastructure diagrams
  • AWS Security diagrams (Professional Only)
  • AWS Container Diagrams (Professional Only)
  • Auto-sync your data (Professional Only)
  • AWS Compliance reports (Professional Only)
  • Export to PNG, PDF
  • Export to Visio, CSV, JSON (Professional Only)
  • Share embedded environment diagrams

Business Account

Business accounts are shared accounts where groups of people can import, view and create custom diagrams across multiple projects in a primary business account.
Owners and administrators can create and manage access for users, teams, sources, diagrams and project folders.
Business accounts include:
  • Everything in Personal & Professional Accounts
  • SAML / SSO
  • Project Folders
  • User Permission & Team Management
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Sources
Note: Business accounts can not be associated with multiple business accounts, though multiple user accounts can be assigned business account owners.