Azure Visualization

What Azure environment resources are visualized on Hava interactive diagrams and which ones are not.

Hava imports and visualises the key resources in your Azure Cloud architecture.

Below is a list of the resources visualised on your Infrastructure View diagrams. The Resources that do not make up your automated interactive diagrams are listed in the contextual attributes tab, and also visible when viewing the Hava List View

Azure Resources Visualised on Hava Infrastructure View Diagrams

Application Gateway

Express Route


Load Balancer

Local Network Gateway

Redis Cache

Resource Group

Network Route

Network Route Table

SQL Server

Storage Account


Virtual Machine

Virtual Network

Virtual Network Gateway

Virtual Network Peering

Imported Azure Resources not visualised on your automated cloud infrastructure diagram will appear within the Attributes tab and on the Hava List View

Non Visualised Resources

Availability Set

Network Interface

Network Security Group

Public IP

Virtual Machine Extension

Virtual Machine Scale Set

To view a comprehensive list of the visualised and non visualised resources imported from your cloud infrastructure, use the "List View" function while viewing your interactive diagram :

This will detail all of the Azure resources Hava has imported.