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Selecting a Plan

Logging In

Supported Cloud Providers

AWS Resources Visualized

Azure Resources Visualized

GCP Resources Visualized

Getting Started

Importing Demo Environments

Getting Started with AWS

Creating a Cross Account Role

How to Create a Read Only IAM User

How to Create a Minimum Access IAM User

Getting Started with Azure

Create an Azure Service Principle and Credentials using Powershell

Create Credential using the Azure Portal

Creating an Active Directory Application

Registering the Application

Assigning Roles to the Application

Get parameters to pass to Hava

Getting Started with GCP

Create a new Service Account (Read Only)

Create Key

Import Errors and the reasons behind them

Environments Dashboard

Hava Environments Dashboard

Show / Hide Empty Environments

Diagram View Options

Filter Environments

Data Source List

Create a Custom Environment (Subsets and Hybrid Diagrams)

Hava Account Settings

User Settings (Personal)

Customize the Hava Dashboard

Pin Environments to Top of Dashboard

View / Hide Data Sources

Show / Hide Empty Environments

Hava API

API Tokens

API Documentation

Viewing Environment Diagrams

Selecting an Environment Diagram to View

Interactive Diagram View Options

Displaying Optional Connections and Resource Names

Diagram Layout Controls

Different Diagram Views

Infrastructure View ( AWS, Azure, GCP )

Extended Infrastructure View ( AWS, Azure, GCP )

List View ( AWS, Azure, GCP )

Security Group View ( AWS Only )

Container View ( AWS Only )

Diagram Visual Controls - Zoom, Skew, 3D

The 5 Diagram Views in Detail

Viewing Attributes - Detailed Resource Information

Search vs Filter - How and when to use each feature

Build Custom Diagrams

Building Custom Diagrams using Queries

Use Query Builder to Discover all Resources in a Region

Example: Build a multiple VPC diagram

Exporting Diagrams

Exporting Diagrams to PNG, PDF, VSDX, CSV, JSON

Sync Cloud Accounts

Manually Sync Cloud Configuration Data

Cost Estimation

How Hava estimates cloud resource costs

Reporting Module

AWS Compliance Report - ( Well Architected Methodology )


How Hava Updates Diagrams and Captures Version History

AWS Specific Features

How to View AWS Route Tables

How to View AWS Network ACL

Viewing Resources in a Security Group

AWS Overview


Editing Hava Generated Diagrams with

Embedded Viewer

Embed your diagrams anywhere using iFrames

Hava Account

How to Cancel

How to Change Your Password

How to Change Subscription Plans

How Hava Security Works


Team Collaboration